I’m late

August 13, 2008 at 9:13 pm Leave a comment

I told myself that I would start writing on August 1st.  The best laid plans…  But I’m only two weeks off schedule so I’m trying to convince myself that it isn’t too bad.  And really no one would have known until I said something.  But in the pursuit of being honest I felt it needed to be mentioned. 

So now that you all know that I’m a procrastinator due to perfection I feel like you are all warned.  I am stating for the world to read that it all begins now.  My goals, my dreams, my efforts can be viewed, critiqued and discussed by all.  If anyone would like to that is.  I don’t think the question is who cares, but what do you think? 

I can only be me and hope that it helps someone else or inspires them or provokes some sort of emotion.  We are not alone but connected in our curiosity. 

So what is my blog about?  It is about my trials and efforts to create and try new things.  So much inspires me and I want to try it all.  At the moment I can minimally crochet, take pictures, sew and make altered art pages.  I have knitted in the past but lost all memory of how.  I really enjoy planning projects but somehow fall short of finishing most of them.  So my goal is to stretch my comfort level and post my projects to give myself the boost to finish them.  Some of them may be months behind everyone else but I am now judging my work on me and not anyone else.  There will always be someone faster or better or more accomplished but I will no longer be that perfectionist who is scared to start or finish my project. 

So welcome!  Enjoy the ride and the glimpses into my soul.  I hope we get to know each other and feel free to open up.


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