School starts…

August 26, 2008 at 10:20 am Leave a comment

It’s that time of year that is so exciting if you have kids.  This year is bittersweet because I have to go back to work after being on maternity leave for almost three months.  So it’s my last day home all day with the munchkin.  Do you always have thoughts of grandure when your schedule changes??  I ‘m going to get up early and do yoga before work… I’m going to pre-plan dinner in the crockpot so it’s ready everyday… kids will do homework right after a snack…haha

Then the weeks pass and I realize that nothing has changed.  Any advice for actually making the changes?  I am very thankful that I am at least going to work part time.  I worked full time until I was induced and we are thinking with 5 kids now that I need to be home after school.  We can’t afford to have me stay home all day but hopefully that will change in the future.  And since I have been promising some pictures, here you go…

First day of school

First day of school

and a spring time photo:


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I am not giving up. Too many thoughts

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