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I have been so sick for a couple of weeks now.  I’m starting to get back on track though so watch out!  Luckily I have been the only one that it hit hard so there wasn’t anyone that had to stay home from school.  Many of days I laid on the couch after work trying to get some sleep while children did homework and tried to help with the baby.  It was proven that I have the  best husband who let me take naps and fed little ones.  I missed a week with the crowabout collage but just printed this week’s so hopefully can get back on the wagon.  I also joined my first postcard swap!  I am so nervous and excited.  Will others like my work?  Will it look silly?  When I’m done I’ll post some pics on my cards.  I am delving into watercolors for the first time.  I have had the paints but too scared to try anything. Since postcards are so small that it takes some of the scariness out.  It is being coordinated by dreamergirl

I also picked up some rocks to paint for gifts this Christmas but cannot get the paint to stick.  Any advice?   They are inspired by DancingMermaid.  I am using craft paint but I think the rocks are too smooth to hold it.  I guess I could ask her but am not ready to show my face yet.  Have you found a group of blogs that seem to be best friends and perfect?  I found Denise’s blog a while ago.  Her story and writing just struck a core in me.  While looking at her blog roll I found everyone she talks about and connects too.  To be perfectly honest, the connection that these women have is inspirational and envious.  I have never had really close friends, I know I tend to close up and be selfish with my time. 

Wow, I have really bounced around here.  Have a great weekend and since it is rainy and overcast here I’m going to enjoy some hot cocoa with my girl.


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back to your regular schedule October Challenge!!

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