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Would it be silly to say I’m scared?  I was so eager to post last week but this time I’m procrastinating.  On Friday I opened my computer and read Jamie’s post.  My first reaction was “I’ll do it when I have the time to reflect”, then “There’s no rush, I have all week”, then “I need to re-read and I need the quiet to do that”, then….  Finally I sat down and admit to myself: I’m scared of what will come from this.  What if I do all this work and I’m still just a poser?    What if I admit this all to the world and people I know find this blog?  What if you just feel sorry for me and that’s the only reason you are nice to me?  So many what ifs…

So what if I quit?  What if I give up on myself without even trying?  What if I’m in the same place 10 years from now?  What if this helps me?  What if I make connections with others?  What if people know me a little better?  What if I’m great? 

Then I have to do something about it.  My world changes.

And you know what?  I’m ready for that.


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